Homeless youth supported accommodation and assistance


 Supporting Indigenous men  transitioning from prison to employment and Indigenous job seekers in the community

Family Support

In-Home parenting support for families  in Perth metro


Cultural training and leadership coaching for staff, organisations and community members


Ebenezer Aboriginal Corporation is a Christian non-profit organisation that has been providing accommodation support for at risk youth for over 50 years.


Recently, we have expanded our service to provide a range of other supports to clients this includes: Accommodation Support, Vocational Training Employment Centre, In-Home support to Aboriginal families and the Target 120 program provides support to young people and families.


Our goal is to empower and equip individuals, families and communities to develop skills, tools and knowledge that will assist them to grow and reach their full potential.

The name Ebenezer comes from the bible and it means “Thus far the Lord has helped us.”

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Giving hope and empowering individuals and families to develop to their full potential so they are able to live a healthy, happy and secure lives. 


Healthy, safe and secure individuals and families participating in community. 


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Our Logo: The lines on the bottom of the logo represents the Sea, River, Land and the stones are steps in our journey.     

Our motto:

Creating stepping stones for life 



Servant Leadership







Employment Centre & Administration Offices

Balga Evangelical Church Building

4 Penrith Place Balga WA 6061 

Tel: (08) 9440-1736 (8:30am to 4:30pm)

Martin Smith: Chief Executive Officer

Tel: (08) 9440-1736

Mobile:  0405 908 571‬

Neil Williams: Business Manager

Tel: (08) 9440-1736

Mobile: 0416 157 047

John Thain: Manager - Ebenezer Projects

Tel: (08) 9440-1738

mobile: 0422 410 076‬

Karen Smith: Admin Officer

Tel: (08) 9440-1736

Victoria Hayward: Admin Assistant

Tel: (08) 9440-1736

Jan Brown: Employment Consultant

Tel: (08) 9440-1738

mobile: 0423 083 293

Female Crisis Accommodation – Girrawheen

Tel: (08) 9247-1330   

Mobile: 0479 166 907

Phone hours 8:00am to 9:30pm

Male or  Female Transitional Accommodation

Tel: (08) 9247-1330

Phone hours 8:30am to 10:00pm

David Michie: Manager Ebenezer - Accommodation

Tel: (08) 9440-1736

Mobile: 0435 561 770

Keith Truscott: Support Worker - Men's Accommodation

Tel: (08) 9440-1736

Mobile: 0433 424 708

Josh Pickett: Snr Family Support Worker - T120

Tel: (08) 9440-1736

Mobile: 0478 225 898

Rachelle Matthees: Family Support Worker - T120

Tel: (08) 9440-1736

Mobile: 0435 580 717‬